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What are the features of hot melt glue gun
Source:Guangzhou Binde Electronics Co., Ltd   |   Release time:2021-04-26

In order to help employees use the hot melt glue gun safely and effectively in production, standardize the operation steps of employees, and enhance their awareness of tool maintenance.

Scope of application

    1、Usage and maintenance of hot melt glue gun

    2、How to use hot melt glue gun

    3、Before using the hot melt glue gun, please check whether the power supply is on and whether the bracket is ready; Whether the used glue gun can push glue smoothly.

    4、When using the hot melt glue gun, plug in the power cord and preheat it for about 5 minutes or until the glue completely melts. When not in use, please stand upright on the table.

    5、After the adhesive strip melts, aim the nozzle of the glue gun at the part to be glued, and gently press the trigger to let the glue flow out naturally.

    6、After use, put the nozzle down and pull out the power plug.

    7、Do not pull out the rubber strip from the rubber inlet.

    8、Due to the high temperature of the hot melt glue gun in use, do not touch the nozzle and the melt glue place with hands.

Maintenance of hot melt glue gun

    1、Please keep the surface of hot melt adhesive strip clean to prevent impurities from blocking the nozzle.

    2、If the glue gun can't discharge glue normally during use, please check whether the glue gun has heat. If the glue gun can't heat normally, the reason may be: the power supply of the glue gun is not powered on;

    3、The heater of glue gun is burnt out; If the glue gun is heating normally, the reason may be: the nozzle is blocked by impurities, so professional personnel should be invited to deal with it. When the glue in the glue gun is not used up, please try not to pull the glue out of the glue gun, otherwise the glue may pour out and affect the glue speed.

    4、If the glue strip in the glue gun has backflow, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and it can not be used until it is repaired by professional personnel.

    5、If the glue gun is not used after continuous heating for more than 15 minutes, please disconnect the power supply to improve the service life of the glue gun

    6、Avoid using the hot-melt gun in humid environment, which may lead to electric shock. Non professionals are not allowed to remove the hot melt glue gun by themselves.


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